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Meet Vanessa

As owner of Vavavoom Artistry, LLC, Vanessa has been able to make her passion a reality. From a young age, she fell in love with creating hair and makeup looks which continuously allow her clients to feel beautiful and special for every occasion. With a Bachelors of Science in psychology and after many years in the corporate world, she took a chance to embark on a whole new journey. This is when she decided to create her beauty brand known as “Vavavoom Artistry”. With its inception in 2014, Vanessa and her team have successfully “Vavavoomed” over hundreds of bridal parties, photoshoots, productions, red carpets, and much more.  


Vanessa is also very passionate when it comes to teaching and mentoring new artist. With many years of experience in teaching on a professional level not only has she helped many girls on her team become the best version of themselves, but she also offers individual classes to those who want to perfect their own personal make up and hair skills. 

Meet Our Team

The Vavavoom team is comprised of many unique artists who have their own individual skill set abilities. All of the women on our team are very hard working individuals who are completely dedicated to making our clients feel exceptionally beautiful for every occasion. 

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